Four Powerful Benefits Of A Product Explainer Video

Four Powerful Benefits Of A Product Explainer Video

While you’re in the enterprise of selling products online, you’re continuously exploring new marketing tactics to get your product in entrance of customers. When you haven’t yet considered the benefits of a product explainer video, it's possible you'll be missing out on an extraordinary spike in brand recognition and revenue.

We make explainer videos for a residing, so we dare say we’re a bit biased — but the statistics agree with us. Explainer movies are proven to increase conversions by 30+ percent. When your conversions embrace "Add To Cart," this can mean the distinction between "making it" and not.

To break it down, we’ve compiled four of the most insane benefits product explainer videos provide.

four Product Explainer Video Benefits
1. They Display A Problem And Answer
You know what your distinctive selling proposition is, right?

Chances are most of your marketing price range is dedicated to either:

Finding customers who have the problem your product solves, or
Convincing individuals they've the problem your product solves.
You may achieve this by means of catchy copy and well-structured landing pages, sure, but it's also possible to have a remarkable impact with the usage of a product explainer video.

2. They Make Product Benefits Attention-grabbing
Everybody on-line, especially those selling things, is in a relentless fight to be interesting. With product explainer movies, you soar that hurdle.

Text online just isn’t performing the way it used to — with 55 % of time online spent watching video, the numbers prove individuals just don’t read as a lot as they used to.

We know, it’s sad — however enterprise is enterprise, and you have to be ahead of the curve. By incorporating explainer movies into your product video marketing strategy, you add additionalordinary benefit to your company. We’d guess money that more folks will watch an animated cartoon video than read a conglomeration of bullet points.

3. They Keep People On Your Website Longer
Product search engine optimization is a tough game. Not only is the online product market oversaturated, however bounce rates are extraordinarily high.

Consumers click, quickly decide whether you’re definitely worth the investment, and click off. There’s rarely an opportunity for them to fall in love with your branding or messaging in that point period.

By incorporating an explainer video for your product above the fold, you keep individuals on the web page longer. At the very least, so long as they spend watching the video — which is usually a significant amount of time, in comparison.

Growing the time people spend on your page will increase your page ranking, by the way. You've nowhere to go however up!

4. They Give You A Whole New Set Of Assets
To get meta for a second, we really love our Instagram.

Because our service is so visual, it’s super simple to cut and screw various videos into three-4 second clips and create a visually interesting feed. We get a ton of engagement on these posts — way more than pictures, because videos only require views, not likes. This often ends in our engagement being 4-5 occasions what it can be on a photo.

Whenever you spend money on a product explainer video, particularly one with character animation, you find yourself with an entire new set of brand name assets to add into your marketing mix.

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